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Rob Taylor

I was at AAAC for seven years before a small group of us decided to start a breakaway club, Metro Aberdeen Running Club was born. I've been captain twice, the longest being eight years, still a very active runner at club, also a very proud honorary member, so going to be around for a while yet.


Jackie Stewart

I am one of the original members of Metro. I am the Club secretary and have been for a few years now, have held the post off and on, also as an ordinary committee member over the years, I have the privilege of being an honorary member to which I am very grateful fr the honour. I am involved in helping organise the club races, also a grade 3 endurance coach helping coach the juniors and seniors, I used to run lots, but these days, just try to help and encourage as many people as possible. Nothing pleases me more than being part of the club and hopefully contributing towards the success of the club and individual members


Amy Mackie

Metro member since 2016, previously responsible for social media on behalf of the club as well as the website, now responsible for the cash! Normally found at the end of the pack, ploughing away till the finish, or more usually at the finish line yelling. Loudly. Always in possession of food and dog-poop bags.

Having achieved my aims for last year (PB for 5k, sub-60 10k), and seeing some improvement overall, aims for 2018 will be to get my half-marathon time closer to the 2:15 mark, 10k closer to 55 mins, and 3k closer to 16mins.

Men's Captain

Tom Brian

I've been a Metro since 2010, men's Captain since 2015 and am the second most successful Brian in the club. I try to lead by example to promote smart training to ensure strength and depth throughout the squad, motivate the guys to continued improvement and get quality squads to more national/district races!. Usually found thrashing out a session on the Deeside Line, or more likely ironing my wife's Scotland vest. Keep discovering that every time you think you're plateauing....there is more to come if you train harder/smarter.

Aim for 2018: Metro Senior Men to win a Scottish team medal at London Marathon (Scottish Marathon Champs).

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Ladies' Captain

Virginie Barrand

I've been a Metro member since 2015 and have recently been elected an ordinary committee member. Often washing my hair on hill reps day(!), I can be found choosing my next race based on how many homemade cakes and treats are promised at the finish. Some of my highlights have been a Scottish Athletics bronze medal at the East District Half Marathon championship in August 2016 (Barry Buddon Half) and the selection to represent the East District at the Inter District match XC early in 2017, sharing a field with the likes of Callum Hawkins, Sir Mo Farah and Laura Muir.

Aim for 2017: To stop frowning while racing.

Kit Secretary

Steven 'Mo' Morrison

I’ve been a member since summer 2015 & now the new Kit Secretary at Metro. Love being a part of the club, all the away days at XC & other road races. Proudest moment to date was sealing 3rd Standard in 2017

Aims for 2018: My first aim is a Sub 3 Marathon. The second is to make Metro the best kitted out club in Scotland.

Race Organiser

Kev Mackie

I Joined Metro in May 2016. My main pull to the club came after seeing first hand how well formed and supportive the members were of each other at the 2016 Baker Hughes 10k. This is my first year as a committee member and I have also taken on the role as Race Director for the Aberdeen Beach 10k and Dyce Half Marathon. I’m sure I will get involved in one way or another in other Metro organised events through 2018. Before joining Metro, the extent of my running consisted of the Baker Hughes 10k and Great Scottish Run in Glasgow, however since joining the club I have went on to complete various race types including track, road, trail, cross-country and hill races. Recently entered the world of ultra’s, albeit in a relay team, at the Foxtrail Nocturnal 6hr Ultra Marathon. It was a brilliant event and I’m hoping to do a solo entry next year.

My goals for 2018 are to complete my first marathon, Fort William in July, an ultra marathon later in the year, and continue to improve on my times at all other distances.

Social Secretary

Steve Buchan

I've been a member of metro since early 2013, I’m also in my second year as a committee member. I love cross-country and away days with the Metro family. My proudest moments to date are receiving the 2015 Captain’s Award and being part of the winning Masters team that lifted gold at the East District XC Championships. I can usually be found watching Tom Brian’s back, but will not do his ironing! Also mucking aboot in the woodies with Rob Taylor, running in the dubs.

My goals for 2017 are: Another attempt at a sub-3hr marathon lol; Assist Nathan Tosh (Junior member) in getting a sub-19min 5k; Get Jacqui Taylor clarted in dubs.

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Website Secretary

Chris Richardson

I joined Metro in early 2015 and have been getting faster ever since. I like to arrange my year around autumn and spring road goal races but always find time time some cross-country in the winter and hill based fun in the summer. I'm always looking to improve my training so I'd love to hear whats worked for you... but I've probably already stalked you on strava.

Aims for 2018: To quote Rod Dixon: "I just want to drink beer and train like an animal". Well that and run sub 2:45 at the London Marathon.

Club Welfare Officer

Alison Mathers

I have been in Metro since 2004. I was taken under the wing of Alan Brown pretty much from the beginning! I have an addiction to the marathon - I plan to run the alphabet in as many countries across as many continents as I can. I also want to tick all the majors off (Four down, two to go!) I have run 15, but only 10 alphabet letters. I am fascinated by anatomy and the mechanics of running which feeds nicely into why I love yoga.

I have met some of my best friends over the years through Metro. I am constantly inspired by the likes of: Izzy MacDonald, Elly Mckay, June Buchan and of course daily by the jelly baby guru, Alan Brown!

When I am not running, doing yoga or in Nero drinking coffee with Claire Smith, I am a chartered educational psychologist ...

Jill Bonthron


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